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Resource Center - FAQ
1. How are 1hr preapproval network lenders chosen?
 Must work with specialized loans that provides solutions to the needs of our clients. 
 Accept lower down payments
 Will not charge PMI (Private Mortgage Insurance)
 Have exceptionally competitive rates
 Have exceptionally competitive rates
 Available any hour to match our client schedule
 Willing to offer our clients the best rates & discounts
2. What makes a lender better than another?

Every borrower has different situation and needs therefore, there is a better lender for everyone. Here in 1 hr preapproval, we evaluate your situation and match you with a best lender who can help you in getting a chance to quality and offer competitive rates.

3. Am I obligated to use the lender you connect me with?
There are no obligations to use our specific lenders. Our primary goal is to connect you to the best lender for your unique situation. We want to make sure you feel special and confident about the person and company you’re working with. We encourage borrowers to do their own research if they’re not ready, however, we’re also confident in our ability to save you the hassle of searching through the network and there are tons of them. We value your time, we are here to connect you with trusted loan officers that are specialized in home loans.

4. Does it matter which real estate agent I use?

We believe in choosing the right agent is crucial. The right agent is experienced in his real estate business, a creative thinker and problem solver to help our client to solve problems or issue, an honest and integrity person to provide quality service and always does the right thing and a good communicator to educate our client on things to consider in buying a home.
5. How does 1hr Preapproval choose their network Realtors?

We’ve carefully evaluated all of our network Realtors to make sure they:
 Have extensive experience in working with unique types of clients.
 Understand how to work with different types of clients and understand their work situation.
 Must be a regional expert.
  Are relocation experts
 Must adhere to a strict code of ethics
6. Does your Realtor network cover all 50 states and every area? 

Yes, we have network agents in all 50 states, in every city and county.

7. Do I have to pay anything to 1hr Preapproval Real Estate to use the service?

Absolutely not, we created this service to help people buying their house avoid taking time to make online search for lenders and realtors at no cost. We’re meant to be a “1hr Pre approval Consult” without any fees.

8. So what’s in it for 1hr Preapproval? How does 1hr Preapproval get paid?

We get compensated by our network real estate agents to be part of our exclusive network. They are happy to do so because they are also benefiting to our services to find them a match who is in need of their solution.

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